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With over a decade of experience with award-winning ceiling design and installation, NY Ceiling has provided innovative and professional ceiling and wall solutions for residential, commercial and acoustical treatments, working alongside renowned designers for results that inspire awe and amazement.

Discover what our ceiling and wall solutions can achieve for your dream design. View our portfolio below for insight into some of our most popular and award-winning projects.


323 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
NY Ceiling was selected to participate in a build out of Fendace’s Los Angeles pop-up boutique. A total of 6 luminous graphic walls of 14’ high were installed featuring Fendi’s double “F” logo adapted to Versace’s meander bordering the walls and Fendi’s plush pink color. Luminous stretch ceiling and walls had an overwhelming impact on an individual immersive experience into Fendace’s world. Photo source: @crfashiobook
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11150 East Boulevard Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Through a collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and the Cleveland Museum of Art, world renowned artist Liu Wei has brought his artwork to Western audiences. Demonstrating his creative technical ability, Liu Wei includes geometric and architectural forms throughout the photography, paintings, and sculptures on display. NY Ceiling was taken on board to accomplish an important task of lighting up artist’s exposition “Microcosm” in 2019. A successful collaboration.
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Whitney museum - Translucent backlit stretch ceilings

99 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY 10014
NYCeiling is proud to work on a Whitney Museum project. Renzo Piano, who is the founding father of Hi-Tech design worked on the design of the Whitney museum. Our company has developed and installed suspended, accessible, custom printed stretch ceiling panels for Whitney museum elevators and main staircase. One of the elevators was designed in cooperation with Tiffani & Co. The panels were custom printed in the traditional Tiffani color.
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525 Bishop St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
NY Ceiling was awarded to this project to accomplish an architect's vision who stands for creating a sense of place through an architectural expression that is earnest, tactile and memorable. The lighting package included 24V CCT Led sheets, dmx controllers that allowed to create a truly realistic skylights with CRI 95. Seamless 16 foot stretch ceilings diffusers distribute lights without a slight distortion. Wall washing stretch ceilings installed on a 15 degree angle to conceal perimeter seam and create a floating skylight effect.
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Regal movie theater - Black high gloss linear light stretch ceilings

850 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
Catching up with the modern trend of linear light combined with high gloss black ceiling, the national leader of the movie industry Regal found this design tremendously successful in this project. Two thousand linear feet of low voltage COB LED and four thousands square feet of stretch ceiling membranes were installed. The aluminum body of the AL20 profile is designed to absorb dispersed heat away from the LED to maximize their life cycle.
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FENDI STORE - custom printed backlit walls with DMX lighting

323 Rodeo Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210
The Fendi x Skims space has been designed to embody the palette of the collection. Colourful blue tones accented with daring colors like neon and pink as the massive walls illuminate the space with a soft yet bright light. 900 Sq foot of the backlit walls were done by NY Ceiling, Inc.
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Regal movie theater - Red high gloss linear light stretch ceilings

850 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
Worldwide established brand Lavazza uses modern ceiling designs and features such as backlit high gloss ceilings. The purpose of creating the luminous surface of the ceiling was to have a vibrant, glowing accent zone. The only way to achieve it was to use a backlit stretch ceiling. In addition, warm white 3000K LED linear lighting wraps around this accent zone to add, comfortable enough, activity light.
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487 Broadway New York, NY 10013
This luminous ceiling application crowns the magnificent space by a regal circle of light, leads the eye from the entrance and lends a welcoming roundness to the room. Beneath, is highlighted a magisterial glass structure whose mechanical design elegantly contrasts with the delicacy of the garden planted within.
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Regal movie theater - Starry sky high gloss ceilings

850 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
Stretch ceiling presented to us an opportunity to create a realistic starry sky, something that only owners of Rolls Roy’s Celestial Phantom could enjoy while making every journey a magical experience with a stellar scene above them. Once a dream, today this extraordinary application is experienced by anyone going up an escalator to watch a movie. Each starry sky ceiling is handcrafted by skilled masters. It may come in a random pattern or an individual template.
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Michael Kors store- Large format Translucent backlit stretch ceilings

Allure of the seas cruise ship Michael Kors, the luxury retailer, was searching for 250 sq. ft. space and commissioned NYCeiling, Inc. to assist in the ceiling selection process. Having identified a suitable ceiling design, NYCeiling completed an architectural scheme combining the look of the translucent ceiling with the functionality required from the lighting.
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Harley Davison showroom - suspended glossy reflective stretch ceiling panels

378 Broadway NY, NY 100013
The new Harley-Davidson of NYC will be a flagship downtown/Soho location for the classic American motorcycle company. Within this urban context, the space aims to reintroduce the brand to a new audience, appealing to New Yorkers and visitors alike. The two level space will contain a selection of bikes with an emphasis on vintage customs and lighter sportier models more appropriate for city rides. Interactive experiences include a bike customization station, tour mapping and ride simulations. Lounges and a coffee bar aim to provide for a low pressure sales environment allowing visitors to familiarize themselves with the updated brand at their own pace.
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133 37th Avenue, Queens, NY 11354
Four large format suspended light boxes are placed right above the bar area of the new build Regal movie theater located in Queens. The structure is framed with a highly advanced aluminum profile, which makes such a big suspended translucent trapezium panels very lightweight and rigid at the same time. The profile system allows enough flexibility to change the angle and the height between the substrate and the suspended panel. Two layers of 50% translucency stretch membrane was used for even light spread from the programmable LED light source located right behind the membranes.
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Charlie West - acoustical stretch ceilings

505 W 43rd St New York, NY 10036
Charlie west newly build high-rise luxury condominium. NY Ceiling assisted developer in selecting the most suitable solution for the pool area. Our product is acoustical matt stretch ceiling.
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133 37th Avenue, Queens, NY 11354
Almost two thousand linear LED light were installed in combination with high gloss black ceilings in the Regal movie theater by NY Ceiling, Inc.
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ONS Store - translucent backlit stretch ceilings with DMX lighting solution

201 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012
Fashion industry and retail stores are peculiar about light selection. The highest standards for products and craftsmanship are applied where NY Ceiling delivers seamless luminous panels.
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693 5th Avenue New York, NY 10022
Calm sea Carpenters Workshop Gallery in New York City presents Mathieu Lehanneur’s furniture sculptures in a solo show entitled “Ocean Memories”.
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Gaonuuri Restaurant - suspended acoustical panels

1250 Broadway 39th Floor New York, NY 10001
Stretch ceiling design was developed as a suspended panel concept overhang the dining room. The total amount is 8 pieces, 6 of those are solid white color fabric and 2 others have prints on them. NYCeiling, Inc. selected the material for the project that was manufactured in Germany by Descor Company. It is printable architectural fire retardant stretch fabric, which has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. This technology allows installation of sprinklers easily, that was done at the project. The installation falls into 2 stages. First step ends when you install all tracks, while the second is stretching the fabric.
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57 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022
The luminous stretch ceiling with programmable high efficiency LED light was developed and assembled by NY Ceiling, Inc. in the Four Seasons Hotel. Perfect example of how to match technologies and inspiration to create unique and functional interior design element.
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Taittinger gallery - translucent backlit stretch ceiling

154 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002
Luminous ceilings provide a big impact to any interior spaces and especially in the art gallery’s that required the light sources with high CRI rating close to index 100. Minimalism, clean lines, evenly spread light in the niche comfortably fits into the interior design concept of "The Richard Taittinger Gallery". Projects of this kind are born due to the synergy of the best designers of NYC and NYceiling,
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2442 OCEAN AVENUE RESIDENCE - custom printed high gloss stretch ceilings

2442 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229
Installation of white gloss and high gloss blue sky stretch ceiling at the swimming pool. This installation took place in Brooklyn NY, where a double zone pool with a total of 1400 square feet of water area was installed in a new residential development. Our team pitched to install a product that has all key features for the successful and maintenance free exploitation in the pool environment, including resistance to the high humidity, chlorine or sulphur-laden air, and to be washable. Our product is backed up with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 1 year certified installation warranty. High gloss finish with a cloudy sky print was selected for the design and ambience purposes. Swimming pools are noisy. Our Acoustic line of products is always in play for pool ceilings with NRC’s ranging 0.3-1.
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Charlie west - white high gloss perimeter linear light stretch ceiling

505 W 43rd St New York, NY 10036
Designer of the project out of all ceiling textures and color tones selected glossy solid color canvas with perimeter linear LED light. The stretch walls and ceilings are fire rated, humidity resistant and maintenance free.
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«SAGITTARIUS A» MOVIE THEATER - custom printed 3D effect fabric stretch ceiling

Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Installation of matte stretch ceiling with 3D print and LED backlight. Uniqueness is the main advantage of the project. This interior concept for people with their own hobbies and passions was designed by Steve Eckdahl - a designer and architect who envisioned and implemented the manifestation of their personality. To create a luxury home theater interior, strictly observing all building rules and regulations with regard to the principles of aesthetics, it was a challenge to us. And we have found a solution!
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House-Museum - custom printed walls and stretch ceilings

Stockton, NJ 08559
The installation of a matte stretch material with photo printing in House-Museum. The first meeting with the designer of the project and NYCeiling, Inc. members was held in september of 2011. The owner is a big fan of hunting; he decided to build a museum and put his trophies on display there. He traveled to many countries and took thousands of pictures, as a great reminder of glorious and unforgettable adventures. The task that was given to the designer was to place the high resolution photographs on walls and ceilings. He found our company the most suitable for this task, as we use a unique technique and decorating Descor fabric material to transfer graphics on to, followed by a highly professional installation. We have signed an agreement after meeting with the owner and the designer of the project at which we presented the samples of fabric and talked about its amazing features and advantages. The time has come for walls and ceiling installation when the major construction works were completed. The images were received and we started to stitch them together into one theme, color correction and transitions between them. After the digital variant was approved, we started the actual printing. The total footage was 3 429 sq.ft. and the largest panel was 16x39 ft. There is also a curve that is running along the side walls in which the lighting fixtures are installed. The tension profile system is the first to be installed along walls and ceilings in any stretch ceiling installation process. We install the central panel and two others alongside, where the focal point is to put the image together. As soon as the ceiling is ready we start tension of fabric material with the print "Snow mountains" on the front wall. Sidewalls are the final step of the project.
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185 Varick St New York, NY 10014
NY Ceiling company was selected as a vendor to provide acoustical treatment for Harbor picture company editing studios. Harbor partners with major Hollywood film makers who set high requirements for editing studious and talents. It was our pleasure and honour to accommodate clients needs and provide most innovated acoustical treatment. We thanked acoustician, engineer and architect for a streamline workflow.
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Folio canopy - exterior canopy solution

250 W 54th St New York, NY 10019
Custom-made awnings provide your business a truthfully unique and impressive look. You can bring life to your building at night by adding luminous panels to your canopy — this means that your storefront is bright after dark, helping people find their way at night.
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Orama restaurant - acoustical stretch ceilings with shimmering effect

595 River Road Edgewater, NJ 07020
A designer Vanessa Deleon was challenged to make an acoustical ambience comfortable in the interior, as well as to improve it's esthetic look, by choosing the material that would fit into the general design concept of the project. The acoustical stretch ceiling with a shimmering pearlescent effect was selected to do the job. A specially designed sound absorption material LA53 was added to increase the noise reduction coefficient. As a result, there is a smooth surface with the highest noise reduction qualities, a 10 year manufacturer's warranty and an outstanding look.
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